The story of this site design

I like Rmarkdown and so when I came across Yihui’s blogdown it got me interested. Starting with bookdown about blogdown I installed all what was needed and started looking for hugo theme, which would suit me. I ended up with Rob J Hyndman’s page, but he himself was inspired by others. This is how I imagine the story …

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How to generate bibiliography for hugo

I use modified hugo-finite theme for this website. The theme supports listing of published articles. Each of such articles or papers is represented by a markdown file (*.md) holding all the citation information. The citation information inside markdown files has to be in YAML (or TOML) format. It is all present in the front matter of the files. …

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Testing blogdown + Hugo


The basic structure of hugo project folder is:

content/generate content here (blog posts, papers, …)
public/ … do not touch, gets generated automatically, upload this to web
static/ … other content (images, other sources)
themes/ … do not touch once finished
config.yaml … well, this is config

hugo-finite theme

Changing templates

Hugo …

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